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THCa Diamonds
THCa Diamonds January 8, 2020

Wow hats off to you guys awesome this kicks you in the butt 👍👍
Tyler Huus - avatar Tyler Huus
Black Diamond (AAA+)
Black Diamond (AAA+) January 5, 2020

I thought wasn't bad value, nice aroma and taste just needed a little more kick
Shayn Fleming - avatar Shayn Fleming
Zombie Kush (AAA+)
Zombie Kush (AAA+) January 2, 2020

this strain has got a nice high and taste
tots is the best service on the web and i dont know what id do without these fine folks
Thanks for all the hard work you guys do!
clayfree88 - avatar clayfree88
Violator Kush (AAA)
Violator Kush (AAA) January 2, 2020

this is one of the best tasting strains ever and its powerful
clayfree88 - avatar clayfree88

Well pleased by it. I think for a daylight shatter thats what you are looking for.
Chad Aubrey - avatar Chad Aubrey

Sweet smell, high grade Golden Honey Shatter.
If you dont like it, i dont know what to say...because...that thing is crazy good and for the price you're sure to have a blast
Chad Aubrey - avatar Chad Aubrey
Death Star | Amber Shatter
Death Star | Amber Shatter December 25, 2019

Dark as Darth Vader...heavy smell. Potent as a Jedi. So go easy cuz youll go crazy
Chad Aubrey - avatar Chad Aubrey

This is great Shatter, been hitting it in my wax pen and have been really enjoying the effects. It's almost knockout strong so I've been doing less hits back to back with this stuff lol. I had placed an order for platinum kush and decided I wanted some shatter as well, didn't mind spending the extra $15 but they threw in a free gram of shatter which I was blown away by. THAT is quality customer service right there, definitely impressed
Rob Field - avatar Rob Field
Platinum Kush (AAA)
Platinum Kush (AAA) December 21, 2019

Really enjoying this Strain a lot so far, I ordered 14g's and the quality is very good. It looks nice, smells good, and most importantly hits very well in my vaporizer and I like the effects that it gives. Great strain that I would definitely buy again, even though I generally prefer more Sativa Dominant Flower, this stuff is really good.
Rob Field - avatar Rob Field
Violator Kush (AAA)
Violator Kush (AAA) December 19, 2019

First online order and I am super happy about the product. Picked up Violator and Zombie. You can certainly tell that Violator is a little higher on the scale. Great service, nice nugs. I'll be back
honkytime - avatar honkytime


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